Resistor Color Calculator

4 Band Resistor Color Calculator

4 Band Resistor Color Calculator



What is a resistor?

- A Device that prevents the flow of current through a conductor is called a Resistor

the resistor unit is - (ohm)

Types of resistors?

Two types of resistor 

1. Fixed resistor

2. Variable resistor

Fixed resistor value can never be charged but variable resistor value can be changed. the resistor value is determined by looking at the color code on the resistor field or with a Multimeter the resistor is mainly two pins. The value of the variable resistor is written on the resistor there are mainly three types of variable resistors.

Resistor color code 

The resistor that we get from the market. are mainly 4.5.6. band but these bands are the different colored spots on the resistor called bands. first, your need to know the cooler value.

What is tolerance 

Basically, it is not possible to make the color value of the resistor precisely, so the value of the resistor becomes slightly lower or slightly higher this variation is called tolerance.